About me


For 17 years I have been managing and/or advising building projects worldwide at Keller. In addition, there were numerous lectures at conferences, conferences and workshops.
I have always had a lot of fun passing on and transfer knowledge and the related mutual exchange through meetings of experts from all age groups and from construction-related industries.

Therefore, in 2008 I took the opportunity to become a part-time lecturer at the TU Dresden. Finally, in the end of 2015, I accepted a professorship at the FH Erfurt.

For several companies I am still active as an advisor and supervise some research assignments as a cooperation with the FH Erfurt.

In the private sector, "construction" did not let me go either. Since 2002 I am the owner of the castle "Wespenstein" (http://www.schloss-wespenstein.de). The old walls always cover constructional challenges. Even here I work together with universities by assigning master theses
and diploma assignments to students from the fields of archeology, geology, construction, architecture etc. at times.

If you have a problem in the construction industry, which is outside the ordinary, I'm sure to be able to offer you a solution for this.


09.1984 - 09.1988 B.Sc. in civil engineering,


TU Carolo-Wilhelmina, Braunschweig, Germany


10.1988 - 03.1992 M.Sc. in civil engineering

- Soil mecanics and foundation engineering,
  Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland

- Hydraulics,

  TU Carolo-Wilhelmina, Braunschweig, 


- Mechanics of materials,

  TU Carolo-Wilhelmina, Braunschweig,



04.1992 - 06.1992 M.Sc. thesis in hydraulics

"Capacité portante et affouillement des pieux de fondation de plate-formes offshore"

Institut National Polytechnique, Labo3S, Grenoble, France


09.1992 - 09.1998 Graduation, Ph.D.

„Granular anchors and nails - Sand anchors“

Institute of soil and rock mechanics, Karlsruhe University, Germany

Work experience

10.1988 - 04.2001

Keller Grundbau GmbH,

Engineer in the overseas division

04.2001 - 12.2002

Keller Grundbau GmbH,Engineer in the R&D division

01.2003 - 09.2004

Keller Grundbau GmbH,

deputy Director of Engineering of the R&D division

10.2004 - 06.2005

Keller Grundbau GmbH,

Director of Engineering of the R&D division

07.2005 - 09.2015

Keller Holding GmbH,

Director of Corporate Services and the R&D division of Keller Europe, Middle East and Far East

10.2008 - 09.2015

part-time lecturer at TU Dresden,

soil mechanics and foundation engineering, heavy engineering and and tunneling in loose rock

10.2013 - 09.2015

assistant lecturer FH Erfurt,

civil engineering

09.2015 -

professor at FH Erfurt,

geotechnical engineering


DE 199 49 393:

Measuring the radius of a Soilcrete column EP 1295994 A2:

Determination of bulk density from the amplitude measurement of compaction grouting